A computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside human body.

For the CT scan the patient is put on a specialized, movable table and is moved into the gantry. The CT scanner gantry is a moveable frame that contains the X-ray tube with a moving lamp, emitting X-ray radiation.
Next, the images are added together by computer and shown on the monitor as an image of anatomical structures.
In our clinic, scans are performed with a 16-row GE BrightSpeed computerized tomography.


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Before a CT scan please:

  • Do not eat or drink for 5 hours before the scan (not applicable to all examinations)
  • Bring your ID card and valid test results for creatinine levels (not applicable to all examinations)
  •  If you have a thyroid gland disease, bring the actual result of your TSH level
  •  Report to the reception 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment
  •  Bring the relevant previous medical records (if any)
  •  Take your daily drugs as prescribed
  •  The information for specific examinations (e.g. pelvic examinations of patients with diabetes) is available on registration.
  •  If you have been given any cotrast material during the last 4 weeks before your scheduled appointment, you are obliged to inform us about that fact during the registration.


Name Price
Brain 450zł
Spine or C TH or LS 450zł
Craniofacial 500zł
Sinus 400zł
Ears 450zł
Limb, joint, etc. 450zł
Chest 500zł
Pelvis with contrast material 650zł
Abdomen with contrast material 650zł
Chest + abdomen + pelvis with contrast material 1600 zł
Chest + abdomen with contrast material 950 zł
Abdomen + Pelvis with contrast material 1050zł
Angio-CT of head or chest 550zł
Contrast material 100zł


You will find here the answers to common questions regarding CT.

Is a CT scan painful?

No, it is not.

Is there a doctor present at the examination?

Yes, a doctor is present at the examination.

Is menstruation a problem while I have a scheduled CT scan?

No, it is not.

Should I take my prescribe medication before a CT scan?

Yes, you should.

Can you eat after a CT scan?

Yes you can.

Do I need a person to accompany me after the CT scan?

If you had the contrast agent injected during your examination, then the presence of an accompanying person is strongly advisable.

Can I drive a car after a CT scan?

The scan itself does not affect the ability to drive.

Do I have to undress for examination?

Some of the examinations require undressing.

How long does the CT scan take?

It can take a few to several minutes. The examination with the contrast agent may last longer.

As a diabetic patient, how should I prepare for a CT scan?

Five hours before the scan you can’t take any liquids and foods, therefore you need to take insulin and eat at the properly adjusted time. It is necessary to bring with you something to eat and drink, so you can have that after the scan. Before signing up for the appointment you should notify the reception about your condition. Patients taking anti-diabetic drugs containing METFORMIN should not take them for at least 48 hours before the CT scan, and for 48 hours after it. You need the consent of your doctor.

What is the weight admissibility for CT scanner?

It is up to 120 kg.

Who conduct the examination?

The Radiographer and the Radiologist describe and oversee all results.

Why administer contrast agent?

The contrast agent is administered to enhance the examined image. It is always given on the order of a physician radiologist supervising the examination.

Are the examinations carried out according to a set appointment time?

The designated appointment time is not necessarily going to be the actual time of the examination. Please take any possible delays into account.

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